1E… self-introduction

Dear list members,

I`m Isabel Parra and I was invited to join this Dance Academy discussion group by Carola Galbez.

I`m 18 years old and I live in Viña del Mar with my brother and my sister in-law. I`m studing Pedagogy in English.

My biggest passion is Dance and I would love to become a professional dancer. In my past school I was in all dance workshops.

I would like learning more about dance from you all and I hope to become a professional dancer.

Best wishes,


Writing a complaint… (11E)

Mc donald`s: Complaints book

Clients name: Isabel Parra

Managers name: Carla Muños

Fecha: 7 de julio 2013


Please write your complaint here.

The best week, I came here with my boyfriend and we ordered a “giant burger with french fries”. When we open the burger, this a bad smell and was green.

Clearly we feel disgusting.

However we decided to let it go.

But finally we went very and of course we did not pay.


This first part of year. The most important is that I learned to have more confidence in me, I learned to control my frustrations.

In terms of English, I improve my vocabulary, my pronunciation, but I still much to improve, but with effort everything can be achieve, and I have great confidence in my.

So, I am happy and proud for my achievements.

Writing a letter for a holiday friend… (10E)

Dear Barbara,

Do you remember me? We met each other last year on marriage of Carla and Andres. Actually I wrote to you because you told me that you work as a journalist and I need to report to a teacher at my school who hit the students.

I am really desesperated because is this a injustice and nobody does anything about it, please help me.

Please answer me as soon as you get this letter

Her is my number 0324567845.

All the best.


Formal letter…. (the job offered)

637 Allegro

Viña del Mar


5 June, 2013

15 Norte

Viña del Mar



Dear sir,

I sow your advertisement in the newspaper.

I would like to take the job. I need it because I am studying and I am living alone and I need money.

I am studying to be am actrees. I like my job and I work with my hearth.

I have experience in these things, I worked in a teatro the last year.

I hope you give a satisfactory answer.

Yours faithfully,

Isabel Parra

In my country… (9E)

One of the traditional dish is the “cazuela”. Which is cooked with vegetables, meat (chicken, beef or pork) and potato, this is very delicious.

For dessert, we have not something special, can be fruit, ice cream, etc.

The traditional local drink is “chicha” and it could be sweet or strong.

Apology message… (8E)

Apology message:


Hi Carolina,

I am sorry about what happened. I did not want push around your dog, but did not see. I was talking on the phone with my mother.

I know it is my falt, but I did not want.




Hello Isabel,

Don`t worry. My dog was old. I suffered a lot for it loss, but I have to accept.

I hope you feel better.



Job advertisements… (7A)


We need you.

If you are a young woman

This is your opportunity.


-Betwen 18 on 25 years old.

-Attractive salary.

-Four days a week.

call to 098 458 876 or Email us to [email protected]

The good and had points my job (7E)

I am a actrees,

The good things are that an actrees is very loved by the people. It is well know but also has  points had.

I can get in trauvel with other actors to can have people that are not loved.

I like so much my profession and I work with my hearth my job y very fun and I have met so many people because of profession.